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We provide you with the highest quality products for your family everyday, guaranteed.

Your Cost Plus 10% Grocery Store

At Food For Less Piggly Wiggly, we sell at our cost plus 10% added at the register on every item in the store!
Other supermarkets get huge deals from the manufacturer, put the item on sale for a day or a week and then go back up to a high price on the remaining inventory. We pass one hundred percent of the deal to you on all of the promotional inventory we receive from manufacturers. Simply put, you pay what we pay (cost includes freight, fee and associated expenses) plus 10% added at the register. There are no gimmicks, no tricks and no high prices. It’s just a sure way to save you money everyday on everything your family needs.

Piggly Wiggly Food for Less Albany is proud to be an approved vendor
for the Georgia WIC program.

Fresh Foods Prepared For You
Come shop our Deli Department, with fresh meats and cheeses, a hot food bar and cooked items already packaged for you to take home, heat up and enjoy!
Grocery Departments
Whether you are shopping for one person, an entire family, or hundreds of guests, our various grocery departments have the perfect food options for any event. Visit our grocery departments to learn more about their special offerings.
Bakery 2


Cakes, breads and more baked fresh daily.

Deli 2


Fresh sandwiches, hot food bar, hot wings bar and more.

Meat 3


Hand-selected meats, cut and packaged daily.

Produce department


Fresh produce, ready for you to take home.

Like the old saying goes: seeing is believing. Come see the huge savings that await you on each and every trip you make to Food For Less Piggly Wiggly.